Serving the Orphans & Pastors in Mexico

Fundraising Opportunities

We all know that mission work doesn't happen without funding!

Support our Missionaries:

People ask us all the time how they can support the missionaries on the field.  We are blessed to have people across the US that have committed to organizing fundraising events for Deeper Water Ministries.  We offer several different products that your group can sell with no upfront investment to you thanks to an "Angel Supporter".  We have partnered with companies like Pampered Chef, Jelly Belly, The Peanut Shop and several others. We have products available that your group or organization can sell with 100% of the profits donated back to the ministry.

Fundraising for Mission Trips:

We know raising funds for a short term trip can be challenging.  We have many products such as Pampered Chef, Jelly Belly, The Peanut Shop available for your group to sell.  Our "Angel supporter" has committed to helping your group raise the funds necessary. We can arrange a fundraiser for your group with no upfront investment and 100% of the profits can go towards your scheduled Mission Trip.

We are always looking for new products and partnerships for fundraising.

If you have a great idea or product, contact Kari at

If you would like to arrange a fundraiser