Serving the Orphans & Pastors in Mexico

Mission trip  "FAQ"

Mission Trip

Where do we stay?


Your security is our first priority.  Depending on the size of your team, you will stay in either a Bed & Breakfast or a hotel.  It's also a priority that you rest well as we will "play hard" during the day.



What do we eat?


Some mission trip experiences you eat very little and even lose weight.  This will not be your experience with us!!  Just like we want you to sleep well, we want you to eat well!  You will have three full meals a day.  Breakfast will be served at your hotel, lunch is usually out at a restaurant or we pack and eat on the go and dinner is always out at a yummy restaurant.  -- Mexico has fantastic food!!



How do we travel once we arrive to country/property?


You will be picked up from the airport by our local missionaries and driven in our ministry 15 passenger vans (if the group is extremely large we will use tour style buses).



What kind of projects do we work on?


Work projects are determined by the needs that arise, so it’s difficult to predict projects in the future. However, examples of common projects include painting, construction, remodeling, wiring, cleaning and plumbing. Projects vary in terms of demand and required skill level – all teams will be placed at projects that fit within their skill level and will be assisted by staff. All projects are designed to benefit and improve the physical surroundings of the children’s homes and villages in which we serve.



What is a typical day like?


During the day, teams serve at area orphanages or villages. During the evening, worship and small group time for debriefing are designed to foster spiritual growth.


Do we get to play with children at the orphanages where Deeper Water serves? How big are the children’s homes?

Absolutely! We intentionally include opportunities for teams to connect with the children. Time with the kids will  be at their children’s home.  The children range from toddler to 18 years of age, depending on the place you are serving. Some of the children’s homes have 50-60 children, some only in the 20's.



Is it a problem if we don’t speak the local language?


Although those who do speak the language are at an advantage, it’s been said that only 7% of communication is verbal, so you will be able to “say” a lot without even opening your mouth! We also have local staff that are fluent in the local language and can translate for teams. Additionally, English is being taught at some of the orphanages we serve.



What does a mission trip cost?


The cost of the trip depends on the duration of time staying in the country. Deeper Water Ministries does not handle booking flights for mission teams.



How long is a standard mission trip?


Most trips range from 6 to 10 days, although we can facilitate trips as short as 2-6 days.



Do you have an age requirement for mission trip participation?


We have had mission trip participants ranging in age from 6 to 70's.




Do mission teams evangelize?


Deeper Water Ministries is a ministry that is centered on relationship by serving the “least of these”. We strongly desire and pray that each child and family we serve come to know Jesus as their personal Savior. As we focus on serving and building lasting relationships, we use that as a platform to share God’s love and His desire for us to know and be known by Him. We share the Gospel to others by sharing our lives. As Paul writes, “We loved you so much that we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well, because you had become so dear to us.”   1 Thessalonians  2:8   However, we do not withhold help or services from any child or home based on religion.



What is the weather like at your sites?


We are located on Lake Chapala which is Mexico's 2nd largest lake.  The lake is surrounded by beautiful mountains which give us an environment for nearly perfect weather.  The average annual temperature is 75 degrees.  We do have a hot, dryer season and a rainy season, but even in those seasons its beautiful.